Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Easter Holidays 2009, Part 1

We planned our trip to Reykjavík for the Easter holidays to start on Friday the third and to last until the twelfth. 

So part one will be day one, and I am a little behind but do plan to catch up today....

Anyways, we caught a flight in Þórshöfn on Friday morning. Rósa was coming along so she got her own box.

The flight to Akurlari went great, well as great as it can in a plane that holds about 8 people. Those things give me the creeps.

So we got to town where Inga was meeting us to drive the last 5 hours of the trip.

Inga was an hour and a bit late, no big deal, we just went out to eat.

And they lost the boys suitcase. Lucky for us we grabbed the dog  from the luggage compartent, so we did not lose her.

How do you lose a bag on such a tiny plan on a 40 min. flight ? Well there was a connecting flight that left about 5 min. after we landed.

So we went to town to eat at Bautinn, I guess this is where anyone would eat or everyone does eat.

The rest of the day sailed past and was spent mostly sleeping in the car, so there is not much to say there!

Davíð locking the house, very seriously

Rósa in her box, she actually really likes it.

Davíð was calming Rósa down before the flight. Another dog was going to be in with her in the luggage area and they were both getting a little excited

Stefán being a little silly at the airport. I do not know how he does these faces.

Kasper all ready to go in his Amma's car.

Here is Stefán trying on hats after we arrived.

Davíð looking a little tired.

Stefán calling around to let people know he is in town to play. He had big plans.

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