Saturday, April 25, 2009


Finally, after living out here all winter we got some couchsurfers.

Not that we do not get a lot of requests but most people have no idea what they are doing.

Some people ask how to get here from the international airport, well rent a car and drive for 10 hours?

A map would be good.

Well on Tuesday someone actually turned up - shocking I know. And he brought a friend.

Brain, our couchsurfer from the states brought along an Australian he was hitchhiking with and we introduced him to couchsurfing.

I am still not sure how well ti went for the Australian who kept asking if he was supposed to pay - like I would charge money for a spot on my couch.

So the boys had a great time, as they always do. They use our guests as a new audience for every trick they know, and guests are always up for a game.

Davíð was happy because guitar playing was going on late into the night every night and I enjoyed the conversations.

It is so good to talk to someone.

When you are out here you do not talk to anyone. If it was not for Davíð I would be insane.

Point being, Þórshöfn is too isolated for hosting couchsurfers, even the ones claiming to be looking for isolation.

I also do not think that Reykjanesbær will be any better, it is to close to the airport and can already see the 30 requests a day coming in as soon as I change my address. People arriving at 2 a.m. and just want to crash until 7, that is not really in the spirt of couchsuring so I will have to learn to say no, and it will be sad.

But maybe, from time to time one will want to really check out the area. See these towns and the old army base I will live on. At least I think it is cool.

We will see.

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