Thursday, December 02, 2010

Too much sugar!

Anyone who knows me also knows I put a lot of sugar in my tea or coffee.  I am just crazy about the stuff - to the point that Davíð worries about my health. I think its OK.

It should also be noted that I do not drink beer, or anything else for that matter, but beer is the important one today, because I made some last night.

At least I got the first steps going, including melting an entire kilo of sugar into the mix, and I have to add more at the end!

After doing this (my first attempt at making beer, Ill let you know how it goes later) I no longer see my sugar consumption as a problem. After all there must be at least as much sugar in a beer as there is in my coffee, if not more.

1 comment:

  1. The only difference is, most of the sugar you put into your brew is consumed by very friendly little bacteria, who eat sugar and pass off alcohol...