Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Before today, I had not sat behind a sewing machine since Home Economics in grade 8.
I figured it was something like a bicycle, something you could always remember how to do.
And it turns out that it is even more unsuited to me like I remembered. I was never meant to be a seamstress.
But I did manage to fix the blanket covers, a few shirts, lots of pants and make a sleeping bag for Leópold.
To keep the little guy happy I had to feed him Fruit Loops in his high chair so he wouldn't complain while I neglected him to sew, but he was happy with the treat.
Now that the important things are done, and I still have a few days with the borrowed machine, the boys and I are turning the terribly old sheets into capes and customs.  Leó just got a king outfit made out of pillow cases.


  1. Sounds like you are doing a fine job with the sewing machine. WOW! King outfits and superstar capes; that's what I call a good start. It sounds like you whipped off a few "chores" at the same time, what, with fixing the blankets and clothes. Feel proud of your resourcefulness. I do.
    Besides, people are not naturally "suited" to machines. It's all learned: cars, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, drills, lawnmowers, sewing machines... No rocket science in any of it.

  2. Michal5:01 AM


    You are a resourceful, intelligent woman, Ko-Leen.

  3. Thank you so much Michal - it's so good to hear from you!