Sunday, November 07, 2010


My better judgment tells me that this story tells me that this story is better kept to myself, but I am not listening to that judgment today, because this was seriously funny.

But you might not find it funny, so if you are offended easily, I apologize now, but you might not think this was so funny and might want to read something else.

I also want to add that I have no idea where they get this stuff...

Stefán and Einar were playing G.I. Joes. These two guys actually share a MoxieGirlz girlfriend, but she was not in this conversation. I am trying to make a cup of tea when I hear:

Stefán, while making his toy scratch himself: my penis is so itchy, I can not stop scratching (hystarical laughter)
Einar, doing the same with his toy: mine too, it's so itchy (mad giggling)

I know this is completely inappropriate but the 12 year old in me is nearly exploding in giggling herself. So I tell them off: Thats enough penis talk

Boys: OK

Next thing I hear: My ass is so itchy, I just can not stop scratching it 

I had to run out of the room before I started rolling on the floor laughing.

I am sure it sounded much worse then it was but I considered bringing out the little guns or turning on the movies a refresher on how G.I Joe acted.

*Einar is the boy that lives upstairs, a.k.a., our 4th boy

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