Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sleeping over

On Thursday the boys had there first sleep over in our new house.

There cousin Garpur was staying with Stefán and Kasper friend was staying with him.

We all went to bed around ten and when I woke up at midnight everyone else was still awake.

So I put Stefán in our room and sent the other kid home. Then they fell asleep.

I had to get everyone up in the morning to catch the bus to Reykjavík and were they ever tired!

I would like to think they learned a lesson, but I doubt it.

Maybe I learned a lesson, no sleep overs when we have to get up in the morning, or maybe I should start trying to get them to bed at about six?

Either way, maybe this is one of those things we all need practice at.

These pictures are the boys climbing on some strange statue in front of Keiler, on our way to the bus. Some cool wooden guy with a guitar.... I bet he gets climbed on a lot.

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