Monday, July 27, 2009

Like some old furniture

Everyone knows I live on the old base...

So I saw this guy who lived downstairs from me moving out. I also noticed that the other day he stuffed a bunch of stuff, including some decent furniture but we will get to that later, into the recreation room.

People often through things they do not want in there so it has turned into a bit of a furniture and old toy grave yard.

So, I asked him about the stuff he put in there, you might say I confronted him. Not to be rude, but to be honest I wanted one of the chairs - so I asked if it was his stuff.

and he said....

What did they leave you behind with the base?

Everyone knows the Americans left nearly everything behind with this base, trucks, appliances, furniture, a library, and I guess me.

I do not think he meant it in a nice way, in fact he seemed rather rude, like I am something that would be left behind.

I pointed out that I was actually Canadian, like that makes a difference, he says that what you all say.

So I am not actually going to ask him for the chair, I suspect he might burn it just to be mean, I will just take it in a day or two, when I know he is gone.

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