Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Misunderstandings with Keilir

First Davíð gets a phone call telling him off for stealing then Keilir (The Base stuff) property. Ok stupids, we were the ones who reported it. Why would we report ourselves? 'Hey I just stole all this stuff and am now selling it on Barnaland, my name and number is...' A small mix up in the message?

Then I go to check out our online banking, a stressful enough situation at the best of times, when I see a school fees bill from Keilir for 290 000 kr. If that is the school fees what the heck were the 45 000 and 30 000 school fee bills we already paid?? Steam is coming out of my ears.

I call Davíð, naturally a little angry, and he is surprised, he was expecting only to have another bill for 170 000.

What ever happened to the all amazing free education system in Iceland?

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