Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Couchsurfing for foreigners

I noticed this before, but now talking to another couchsurfing host from Norway it seems that it is not just here.

Most hosts seem to be foreign.

When looking for a host, the most active are usually not from the host country.

At couchsurfing gatherings, again, the could be called foreign gatherings.

Some hosts have been in the country long enough to know enough to be a good guide - as good as any native for sure.

But I wonder why we (the foreigners of what ever country) are more likely to open our couches and time.

Maybe we are more lonely. I think this probably goes for me.

Maybe we always hope for a visitor from our own country. I admit I become almost giddy at the prospect of a Canadian couch surfering guest.

Maybe we just like the treats.....

(It is not required and not everyone does it, but you often get some candy or snack from the country you are hosting.)

Maybe there are just not so many Icelanders left here (an excuse for Iceland at least), a lot have moved away. I have even heard a lot of complaints - tourists are asking, 'Where are the Icelanders'. Certainly not downtown are near the tourist destinations.
Maybe we will never know.

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