Monday, July 13, 2009

Kasper's Room

With this being the first time the boys have had separate rooms, they both are using the chance to express themselves.

Kasper has a sign on his door clearing telling everyone to 'Sta Át'. If you sound this out with Icelandic it says Stay Out. I am guessing that because he tried to write it in English he is talking to me.

He has also hung up some favorite art work of his, glow in the dark stars and an Iceland flag. He wants a Canadian flag too, but this will have to wait.

There is a huge closet for his clothing, he only fills half of. I guess when he gets bigger, his clothing will too and then he will need the space.

The desk is so great and so lucky for us we got it. I went to get the boys from the park last night and saw some people moving out of another building. They had a pile of stuff with a 'gefins' sign, meaning to give away. We talked to the and they are moving to Norway so we scored a desk, 2 chairs and a vacuum.

Kasper's bed is coming. For now he just has the mats but in 2 or 3 weeks he will get his own. A friend is moving back to the states and we are buying an Ikea bed from her. It is one of those that has a bed that slides out for underneath for guests. With this the room will look great!


  1. Michal9:53 PM

    Do you have a canadian flag for Kasper? Would you like me to send one to you?

  2. I dont actually have one, that would be so great if you would send one ! :)