Monday, July 13, 2009

My New Kitchen!

My new kitchen is so huge and American I love it. I guess I have not changed so much after three years in Iceland.

I have a huge pantry that I am currently trying to make look full by setting all the food at the front. I do not know how we will ever stock up enough food for this thing!

My giant fridge has a freezer part and an ice maker, how crazy is that? The dishwasher.....ahhhh this is the life. My American style coffee pot fits right in here!

See all those cupboards? Almost all of them are empty. I have dishes in 2 of them and a few cans of tuna in one. I need to get more food still, but I like that there will be a cupboard free for just baby stuff!

The apartment came with a microwave and an American stove, it heats up super quick. I am really happy with it...

The huge dining area looks a little empty at the moment but this will change.

With all these luxuries I know I will have a hard time ever leaving the base!

And if you didn't know before, now you see how important stuff is to me.

Actually, I never considered myself very materialistic before, but now I see how these things make me smile sooo much!


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  1. Michal10:26 PM

    So glad you feel more at home in this place. May it bring you years of happiness.