Saturday, September 08, 2007

Imported Friends

I met a girl on facebook who is from Toronto, but coming to Iceland for an extended holiday. We agreed to meet up when he got here, and I met her on Thursday.

Wow! First of all it was so good to talk for hours to someone, in person, that was from the same country as me, and had been there her whole life.

Second, the whole thing made me realize how adjusted I had become to living in Iceland, without even realizing it.

The entire conversation was things she noticed that were different to her, and me remembering how they used to bother me too, but now I have stopped noticing or just accepted them.

I have learned to drink milk in my tea and coffee, instead of cream.

I can drink much stronger coffee now! I also drink smaller cups of coffee.

I almost never eat chicken or beef anymore, and don't notice it or miss it anymore.

I take, and give to the kids, cod liver oil every morning. It is a routine.

I bring my kids to work when I need to and expect my employer to be fine with the idea. This would never have gone over in Canada.

I occasionally call in sick to do something like go grocery shopping.

I eat cake at breakfast time.

I am adjusting well, and it takes someone who is not adjusted (it has only been a few days for her) to make me see that.

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  1. Marcia5:40 AM

    Glad you're settling in. :) And I'm glad you met someone with whom you could 'talk for hours', someone who could relate to, in other words, a breath of fresh air from 'home'. It's necessary every once in a while. :)