Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Humor ahead of his years

I have recently began to wonder how Stefán got to be so funny.

He is funny with kids - the penis jokes never get old with them - and he has more advanced stuff for older people.


We were at the mall the other day and Kasper was spinning around the food court. He dropped his hat and did not notice. Stefán picks it up, puts in a grocery bag inside the cart. When we are leaving the mall Stefán asks Kasper where his hat is. Then laughs when Kasper goes looking for it.

He tells stories, usually ones to get someone all worked up. Last weekend he told Kasper that he saw someone out the window. This someone he saw had Kasper's favorite stuffed bunny and was putting it in the garbage. Kasper got very excited and then really angry when he realized Stefán was lying.

OK - it is a kind of cruel sense of humor, but I have to admit I have a hard time not laughing. He has to start being a little more careful because Kasper is going to get really angry one of these days and that would be devastating. Stefan looks up to him so much and even sleeps beside him often.

But is he the funny one in the family.

The definition of a princess: (according to Stefán) someone with lots of hair.

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  1. Michal4:13 AM

    I'll have to tell that one to Audrey. I think she'll agree.