Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Icelandic or Death

After 4 days of working 19 hours a day, I am tired. I have one more left then I look forward to 2 days of only 8 hours each.

My second job:

At the job interview I was told it was very important that I speak Icelandic. My boss told me that she was sure I would pick it up much more quickly with this work - she was right.

I work with old people who speak no English! This means I am forced to use my poor broken Icelandic for 6 hours a day. One little old lady even calls herself my Icelandic teacher.

My co-workers are all banned from speaking with me in English. Some of the younger ones try to, but when we are heard we get an earful. Ekki Ensku!

If I do not understand something they start be repeating themselves slowly. If I still do not get it, they rephrase it and continue with that until I understand. Sometimes I get a few hand gestures, but no English.

This makes for one killer headache at the end of each day, but already it is paying off. Today the head nurse told me that I have improved a lot over the last few days.

This is speed learning.

The great news is that at this rate I will be completely fluent by next spring. I will have no choice.

Davíð says to look at the bright side - I am getting paid to learn. Maybe not well paid, but it is something.

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