Saturday, November 10, 2007

Worst Idea Ever

My fabulous, well maybe not so much so, employer, came up with the worst idea ever today.

Lucky for me I am done tomorrow because I suspect this is some sort of revenge against me for quiting.

He shows up with a tin of paint thinner and asks me, since I must have extra time working such a long shift, to use this paint thinner to clean the plastic table clothes in the dinning room.

These are my complaints:

I have nothing to keep me safe from this paint thinner and we all know the stuff is a little dangerous. Imagine how my hands would be after? No gloves?

I have heard that paint thinner could burn wholes in plastic. The problems that causes is that not only have I wrecked the plastic cover, but most likely the wood table underneath as well. And imagine the fumes....

I mentioned my concerns to this employer (lets just call him Hjalti) and he told me to not use too much then.

Sometimes I just want to say, 'Could we pretend I am a real person here, for one moment? Would you ask someone in your family to do this?'


  1. Anonymous7:47 PM

    KT, Tell this jerk to f*** off!!!!!

  2. fabulous language, the stars are my favorite, but I am never sure how to pronounce them.

  3. Anonymous8:43 PM

    stick it to the man, man!
    signed with love,
    your favorite housemate

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, do you have the stick?

  5. I would First explain my concerns if that Fails Tell him to stick some Where Dark and Foreign Cause I am smarter than that...This is what Paint Thinner Does to you..First Gets you on a Great High Buzz and I mean Really great..> Not only Eats Plastic but Can and will Leach into You skin Could cause Poisioning Third It will Wreck the Table espically The the Laminite..Or the Painted Surface of it...So by All means Nesiarry Tell Him to Read the MSDS Sheets..