Monday, November 26, 2007

Disorganization at Toys R Us

I was scheduled to work today, 9-7. So, I showed up for work at 10 minutes to 9.

I waited, and waited and waited outside in the freezing (-6) and windy cold until 9:15. Then I call the manager, because no one was there.


How can I work if I am locked out?

Anyways, she said this was all a big mistake, she meant to schedule me for 10. She was sorry and I should go to the bakery and have a coffee and breakfast while I wait, she would pay for the food.

OK, so I went to the bakery. My manager said she would call me when someone got to the store to let me in.

It was 10:30 when I went looking for someone. No one had called and the store was supposed to open in half an hour.

Waiting, outside the door, was the rest of the staff for today. They had been waiting since 10.

They were cold too.

At 10:45, the assistant manger comes and lets us in.

I hope they plan to pay people for all the waiting time.

I am glad he got there before the customers, because that would have been awkward!

This is just craziness, only in Iceland.

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  1. Marcia1:44 PM

    These things happen unfortunately. I hope you weren't inundated by both rain and wind. The wind is more than enough!

    Glad I got to see you if ever so briefly at your workplace. :) You looked happy. :)