Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Party Madness

Today Kasper turned 7! He had his friends over from school as well as some family. As you can see from the pictures - it was crazy for a while.

The first mix up happed when Kasper invited more kids then he had invitations for, causing us to leave one kid at the school.

Nest Stefán had to come home early from school because he got an ear infection.

I could not cancel the party only a few hours before....

Everything that could have went wrong, did go wrong, but Kasper had a great time, and really that is what matters.

Lining up for ice cream!

Kids Everywhere!

I bought Kasper a Spiderman closet for his birthday. Good Old Toys R Us discount.

Shoes everywhere, I bet my neighbors hate me.

Sundae Madness!

Sundae toppings!

Stefán up to something

This kid is half Canadian, but does not know where in Canada is mom is from. It was nice he drew a card with maple leafs on it.

One very very dirty sock

Kids in costumes

That Stefán...

Agata comes out of hiding only to say goodbye.

Kasper with no front teeth, can you say Swiss Mist?


The oldest kids had there own area, one of them really likes Sims 2. I like Sims 2....

Sick Stefán. with a balloon.


  1. Marcia12:03 PM

    SSSSweet! :) Happy Birthday, Kasper!

    I hope you feel better, Stefan!

  2. How cute! Looks like a fun party. Brings back memories! When I have kids, thought, I think birthday parties will be banned :p

  3. it is a little stressful, but when you have kids you do anything to make them smile