Friday, November 09, 2007

Moving Along

Today I accepted a new job. Not the job I wanted, exactly, but a step in the right direction.

From the beginning,

Henrick is a guy staying at the hotel. He came to Iceland to start up the new Toys R US. The other night we were talking and he told me there was a job that he was sure would be great for me, or I would be great for it. He accepted my CV and gave me the number of the person who is in charge of the hiring.

Today I spoke with this person on the phone. Her name is Guðrún. She told me to come down for an interview today.

After my shift at the nursing home, and before my shift at the hotel, I popped into Toys R Us full of hope.

That hope was shot out of the sky 2 seconds into the interview.

I sat down to be told that they were really looking for an Icelander for this particular position but she was sure she could find something for me,cleaning or something.

I wanted to hit her with my purse, but instead I used restraint and just raised my voice a little.

I simply made it clear that I did not come down here to take a 700 IKR an hour cleaning position. Every employer I have had in Iceland has felt some need to treat me badly and under pay me, simply because I am not Icelandic. I did not move to Iceland with the intentions of scrubbing toilets for the rest of my life.

This seemed to break the ice between us, and we spoke of other options.

Guðrún is set on hiring an Icelander for the cash outs, but she offered me something else. I will not work as a cashier, I really can not think of anything more boring, but I will be one of those general helpers who finds stuff and puts stuff on shelves. I will start at 1050IKR an hour, day time rate, to start.

This is 150 more then I get at the hotel and 300 more then I get at the nursing home.

Also, if things go well, as I am sure they will, I will be promoted to a department manager in a few weeks.

Department Manager is a very glamorous title for it. You are in charge of one section of the store, LEGO for example.

When this happens I will get a raise.

The good thing in this all is I have a challenge ahead of me. I will get that promotion, or I will get a new job.

The best news: I will only have to work 40 hours a week to make basically the same as I was making working 60 before. I miss my boys and am really looking forward to seeing them more.

I have already quit my job at the hotel (finish on Sunday), tomorrow I will email the nursing home!


Sunday we celebrate with Pizza!


  1. Marcia2:23 PM

    Many congratulations! :) Once they see your initiative, you'll make dept. head in no time. Definitely a step in the right direction. Bravo.

  2. Thank you!
    The best part is that I will have time to do things that are not work.
    Ill let you know what my scedule is like and maybe we can do coffee?