Sunday, November 11, 2007

As crazy as Toys R Us

I have now seen it with my own eyes.

The store was not only busy, but it was insane. On a Sunday morning people are lined up outside waiting for the store to open.

The store opens and fills up. The shelves we worked so hard to fill quickly empty. We fill them again, they empty. It continues like this until we lock the doors, 6 hours later.

This is why the store does 7 million a day in sales.

But who needs so many toys? How needs so many toys that they need to bring a shopping cart to push down all the isles?

How many Bratz dolls do you need?
How many Spidermans?
Teddy Bears?

It does not matter what the toy is, I now suspect that every kid in Iceland has enough for 5 other kids.

They had a joke on TV last night, it shows a family throwing away all the toys, then going to Toys R Us and buying more the next day.

The Iceland Toys R Us is second in world sales, only behind Hong Kong, and there are a lot more people in Hong Kong to be doing this shopping.

This experience has shown me another ugly side of consumers.

And now my job is dependent on these same consumers.

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