Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The News

Random news clips from my day -
  • I told my new manager that I know they have lied to me about some pay issues. They corrected it, and I made sure they understood that I do not trust them now. Who starts lying to employees in the first few days? Breaking union rules??? I made sure to mention that I suspect discrimination. I have no plans on being walked on here.
  • I have made some work friends, they are all about 5 years younger then me and absolutely hilarious. It makes the time fly by.
  • It is confirmed yet again, this country has a shopping problem. Who would go toy shopping on a Monday or Tuesday morning? There was a lot...
  • My blog has a new reader! First, one stranger at a time - next world domination!
  • Postcrossing is going great. I need to get to a scanner to show off my postcards, they are from everywhere!
  • Davíð picked me up after work and we all went down to see Kasper play soccer. Then we could not find him. We spent an hour walking around trying to find him, then Davíð went to the school while Stefán and I kept looking. We were worried. Davíð called me when he found Kasper at school, it turns out that they told him it was not his soccer day and he was not supposed to catch the bus with the other kids. Stupid school, and this is the best one? Davíð asked why no one called us if they thought he did not have soccer and no one came to pick him up, they said it is not unusual for kids to be left at the school much longer then they should be.
It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

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  1. Marcia8:12 PM

    Potentially traumatic and definitely irritating when the lines of communication break down! I'm glad you found Kasper and that he was safe.

    And I'm glad that you are aggressively pursuing your rights in the work place! They will respect you more for it. But it still irks me that they continually try to subvert workers' rights.

    I am so glad to be beyond the toy stage! As you say, too often the toy bought is played with once, then shelved or thrown away. If and when I have grandkids, they will learn to love all the legos and educational puzzles they receive from their grandma! ;)