Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just 4 Kids

The new toy store opening in Iceland has already lost any business it might have received from me.

They advertised that all there staff speak Icelandic - and this makes them better?

I am so angry I could just go out and buy a bunch of toys from Toys R Us, just to be spiteful.

But whatever, I feel good knowing that Toys R Us is dong extremely well in Iceland. Here are a few things the manager told me:

Iceland opening: Highest recorded sales, ever, within three days in Iceland.

Continued business: Second best in the world, next to Hong Kong.

It does help that the Icelandic culture has more then a small taste for shopping.


  1. Hello,

    I was searching for just 4 kids website and came to ur blog. I didn't know they advertise their staff speak Icelandic. Are they the same company as Leikbaer? Cos I got really infuriated when they made the comparison that they can speak Icelandic and toys r us can't.. what's the big deal man.. Anyway, I am a Singaporean moved to Iceland with my Icelandic hubby. :)

  2. Hello Ash,
    yes, Leikbær is the same as Just 4 kids, it makes me angry too.
    It is really some nerve they must have, or they are just desperate to get someones attention - and hope it is someone who will shop with them.+
    It is an unfortunate attitude that so many Icelanders have.

    Looks like we might have some things in common Ash - perhaps we should get together for a coffee?

  3. Hello,

    I think we might have A LOT in common when it comes to Iceland and Icelanders. I've been here 3 years and I am still whining about them!!

    These Icelanders seem to forget that the foreigners has spending power too. Who cares about Icelandic man! I told those Icelanders that even when I mastered my Icelandic, I'm still gonna speak English to them because they need to practice their lousy English.

    Do you have an email or facebook where I can get in touch? Cos I don't want to be leaving my email on this site.. hehe :)

  4. I am on facebook, search for Ko-Leen