Friday, July 20, 2007

Rain Rain Rain

How the weather changes, although not fast.

It was sunny and hot for weeks! It was beautiful, but all good things must come to and end, so now it must rain.

The back yard it very happy. Maybe it will turn green again.

Now this is the Icelandic summer I know!

The kids traded in the shorts an t-shirts this morning for the more typical leotards, undershirts, pants, long sleeved shirts, toques, gloves, wool socks, rain pants and rains coats.

This might all sound like a bit much to a Canadian, after all it is just a bit of rain. Right?

Well there are two things to remember:

1.In Iceland a bit of rain means downpour all day. It is usually accompanied with a lot of wind.

2. Despite the weather, all summer, all children must play outside all day. The playground does not close for it so Stefan still spends at least 6 hours a day on the playground, and he needs to be dressed for it. Kasper also travels everyday with his day camp, they walk almost everywhere and spend most of the 8-5 day outside. So you can see why they dress for the worst, besides with layers you can always take some off if it gets too hot.

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