Monday, July 23, 2007

Bad Kids

And I am very ashamed to admit they are mine.

Stefan I will let off easy, because he only copies his older brother.

I took them to the playground this morning, you know the only that you can drop them off for three hours at a time.

I went to pick them up at lunch and they were gone.

It turns out that Kasper's friend was kicked out for misbehaving and Kasper wanted to leave too. They would not let him so someone (neither kid will admit who) got a great idea to kick in a board on the fence and then they could all run away together.

They succeeded and the three of them, Kasper, Stefan and Victor, were free.

And guess where they ran away to? My backyard.

We are lucky nothing happened - but I never imagined that they would do something so bad that a 5 minute time out would not be enough punishment.

So I came up with this, remember I am not going to blame the three year old, Kasper is grounded from the playground and his friend for one week. He also had to go apologise to all the playground staff. He also has to go at the end of each day and help clean up the playground for the staff. He can put away toys for them and stuff. I am trying to get him to work, in a 6 year old way, to pay for the damage he caused to the fence.

And here is the proof:

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  1. Michal6:02 PM

    Way to Go!

    That's an excellent punishment for running away! I'm impressed with your creativity.