Monday, July 16, 2007

The Official Job Search - Part 1

So it is that time of year already. Time to admit that summer is coming to an end and the cash is getting is shorter supply. It is time to get a job again.

I have very few demands in employment, I only ask that I am paid fairly, if not well, and that it does not involve prostitution.

I am sure if I was lacking in morals the pay would be better.

I applied online at Hotel Centrum, but it is not looking good. I applied a week ago and I have not heard anything yet. This is my fault I admit, I doubt they even look at the online applications. I have also heard they prefer to hire Icelanders for everything but the cleaning.

Today I applied at Flókí Inn. I think this one has a shot. I am going for Reception, on nights. Agata (my roommate) knows the owner, the owner is from Turkey and I think that would make him a little more reasonable. I also heard it pays very well considering you work one week on and have one week off. The Flókí Inn is also less then 5 minutes away, walking.

I want that job!!!!

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  1. Marcia8:29 PM

    I hope you get it! Fingers crossed!