Thursday, June 21, 2007

A mid-twenties crisis

I am 26 now, so maybe I should say late twenties.

I have started doing things I could rarely be bothered to do before. I learned to pluck my own eyebrows, as you can see my technique needs work.

Thanks to my new lack of eyebrows, I started to color in what was left. This is a first for me too, although I have to admit I had thought about it in the past.

I Naired my arms, like anyone sees the stupid things. I always wear a sweater, it is not hot enough to be walking around bare armed. But underneath my sleeves are some new hairless arms.
I decided to get a little more serious about the tanning. I got a million freckles and a burn instead. (The tanning beds here do not have any time settings, everyone goes for 16 minutes at a time, hence the burn, in Canada I usually went for 8 or 9)

I have started eating boiled eggs everyday, they are OK.

I noticed my big toe on my left foot had 3 hairs on it. None of my other toes did, it was strange. I took care of it.

I have colored my hair twice in the last month. I am still not sure if I am happy with it.

I know I am doing all the wrong things, these things do not make people happy. I know that.

But I am in a rut.


  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    STOP tanning, you look like a blood lobster. As for the eye brow plucking great job, but don't color them in.Shaving the arms way to go, but you couldn't do that in Canada, you could barely shave your legs????? What's with eatting boiled eggs everyday, HOw does that enhance your late 20's???

  2. I am sure the redness will look more like a tan in a few days

  3. Michal6:04 AM

    I dunno, the freckles look kind of cute!