Monday, June 18, 2007

A broken washer

Thursday night I went to do laundry so we would have some clean clothing when we came back from our trip. I put the clothing in the washer and when I went to get them out, two and a half hours later, there was water everywhere.

I tried to fix it, Davið tried to fix it, the stupid spin cycle is broken.

I talked to the guy across the hall and he said the same thing happened to him. So everyone else seems to know the thing is broken. I mentioned that some one should call a repairman but since I was leaving right away for camping I could not.

I came back from camping today to see that no one has fixed the machine or called someone else to do it.

Everyone kept trying to do laundry all weekend, so it is no secret it is the thing is broken, so why didn't anyone do anything about it?

I guess that is the problem when the washer belongs to everyone, everyone assumes that someone else will take care of it.

Tomorrow I will call someone, because now I have no clean clothing.

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