Monday, July 03, 2006

The ID number again

Who made this system????

When I first arrived in the country I went to the immigration office to apply for my permit to stay. This should not me a big deal because I am married to Davið and already have one child with citizenship. Anyways, the form asks for my ID number. I just got here, I do not have an ID number. They send me to the Registry to get one (Davið actually had to get it for me, because being not registered means I can not get anything myself). This takes about 2 weeks. When I get one I can get one for Kasper.

Today they called saying the process was done but.........they could not give me my number because I had not applied for status. I can not remember if I mentioned I had a problem applying for my medical insurance without an ID number, because everyone needs one!! But I can not get status without insurance.

So, I can not get status without an ID number, I can not get an ID number without applying for status, I can not get insurance without an ID number, I can not get status without insurance and so on and so on....
tomorrowow I will spend the day downtown trying to figure this out. It must be lie some sort of jigsaw puzzle where everything can fit together but it has to be just so.

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