Saturday, July 15, 2006

Cheap Post Cards

When I first arrived in Iceland I did a very tourist like thing and bought cute postcards for everyone I know. You know what I mean, pictures of local animals and landscape. I know they look nice but it is getting a little expensive when you add the postage on there. This is why I have decided to cut costs and send everyone advertisements.

Many coffee shops, stores and office give away postcards. They look just like the ones that are free in places like Second Cup but the back is blank so they are actually useful. Over the last couple days I have been stocking up on these and everyone will be getting one.

I know the writing on the front means nothing to you, it means nothing to me either. I only hope it does not say something offensive. The pictures are still neat though and at the very least if you come to visit, you might know where to shop!

I will probably buy more around holidays, but for now these will be great.

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