Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I have been speaking English my entire life. I admit I might have never gotten really good at it, but I thought I had heard everything.

Now I know there is several different words for the same thing, depending on what English you are speaking.

Stroller: a handy thing for pushing kids around in. This is also known as a pram. I guess pram is short for something.

Soother: Keeps babies happy. Also known as a pacifier or a dummy. I like the dummy one, good trick on the baby.

Backyard: You know, the grassy place behind your house. Everyone here calls it a garden and I can not help but ask myself, what kind of garden. I half expect to see carrots growing everywhere.

House plants: A plant you grow at home, harmlessly, can be called a pot plant. I think that implies a lot.

Hamburger: Ground beef, good for shepherds pie or spaghetti sauce. Also known as mince meat, and I thought mince meat had no meat in it. OK, I admit minced meat makes a little sense

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