Sunday, October 18, 2009

Caffeine Sensitive

I may have the most caffeine sensitive baby ever. Not that I can complain, he is incredibly easy with everything else.

OK, maybe I would like to complain a little.

I really like coffee and black non herbal tea, with milk and sugar, so good.....

And I just went 9 months without coffee, strengthening my tea addiction.

Now I can not have anything stronger then the odd cup of hot chocolate.

Here is how it started:

When Leo was 4 days old, Lizzy brought over pizza and Coke. It was great, I drank almost a liter of Coke. Then around midnight the baby was mysteriously awake, very awake, and very cranky.

I suspected the coke might be to blame. Fair enough, I do not need Coke.

Then last Friday, Lizzy was over again and I drank three cups of tea in a row. TEA! Hour later, same thing. Very very awake baby, in a bad mood.

I will not even try the coffee.

It really is not as though I need the caffeine, but I like having something hot to drink. After all, I do live in ICELAND. Sometimes you need something warm...

I would even drink decafe tea (not herbal, most of the fruity stuff creeps me out) or coffee, but I just have not seen it around. I would beg for some to be sent from Canada but it takes 4 months.

I guess I just have to look harder. Maybe some natural food stores....

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