Monday, October 26, 2009

The Blue Lagoon Clinic

Kasper has always had exceema. Sometimes it is OK and we have it under control, and sometimes not.

The 'not' times actually catch us rather off guard. Just one morning, he gets up and has, during the night, scratched a layer of skin off his legs, arms, back...

His compulsive tendencies do not help! He just keeps on scratching.

Well this last patch has been particularly bad and seems to be sticking around, despite super strong medication, leading us in a new direction of treatment, the spa!

Actually, the Blue Lagoon, a hot tourist spot. But they say the water is good for your skin, and people do travel here just to have this treatment done. So now Kasper has been prescribed The Blue Lagoon Clinic.

Now he goes to the Blue Lagoon threes times a week for one month, then the doctors there decide if he needs more.

And this clinic is even better then the regular Blue Lagoon because, despite being attached, is far less commercial, decorated better, staffed with medical professionals and very patient friendly. Even the amazing creams that you pay a fortune for at the Lagoon is free to the Clinic patients.

But not everyone in the clinic is a patient. Kasper can bring his little brother (Stefán) and one adult for free. He can also bring additional guests for only 1000 kr each (better then the usual 4150 kr per person that you usually pay)

Another group of people that get to use the clinic, and they are not necessarily sick, are the guests of the Blue Lagoon Hotel. I hear (a nurse at the clinic told Davíð) that the hotel used to fund the clinic, and that makes sense, because we do not have to pay anything.

So despite the Kreppa and everything, I still have to say that Iceland is a country that looks after its children health.

***** Davíð is taking Kasper to The Blue Lagoon every second day now, so his skin is getting some good treatment as well. Maybe next time you see him you could comment on it:)

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  1. Wow, I´m impressed! I will know what to do when I get some egzema!!!