Friday, October 23, 2009

Just some details

Where do I live? Well, the sky turns pink after school, and soon it will be earlier.

When we were making plans to move south, Davíð told me that the three small towns Keflavík, Njárvík and Ásbrú (a.k.a. The Base) were all known as Reykjanesbær.

This is true, to a point. Same mayor, schools, bus system and taxes. If someone asks you where you live and you say Reykjanesbær, they know where you are talking about. But then they ask what part you live in, do you live on the base or.....

So things become less clear, a little cloudy.

When you are coming from Reykjavík you pass a sign so you know when you are entering Reykjanesbær. Then if you turn left you pass another sign so you know you are entering Ásbrú.

Ásbrú is the abandoned NATO base.

So do I live on the base or in Ásbrú?

Then I try to get home on the bus. I ask the bus driver which bus will take me there (I have to explain where I live), he says Vallarheiði. I live in Vallarheiði? I have not seen a sign for that.

I keep giving out my address as Reykjanesbær. I get mail.

Now I see a change. Some of my mail says Keflavíkrflugvöllur, that means Kelfavík Airport.

Do I live at the airport? I admit we get a lot of air traffic here, and I can see the plans parked, but I would not have said I lived at the airport.

So I have more then one address.

The biggest problem this causes is when you are trying to tell a taxi where to take you after grocery shopping. It takes a few tries.

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