Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's just too good

The swimming pool here on the old base is empty, and has been empty for years, since the Americans left.

Previously I had assumed that it was only a matter of time until it opened up, because it looks like a great pool.

Water slides! Diving boards! And, all indoors, a perk in winter, and even the windy summers. (Most pools are at least partly outside in Iceland)

But when Davíð talked to the people at the gym about it, they said it would not be opened, at least not in the foreseeable future because:

It is to deep by Icelandic and European standards.

To open the pool they would have to fill the bottom in with concrete and that is a lot of work. I guess it is not as easy as it sounds and requires a lot of engineering.

This made me think about my swimming experiences in Iceland and although I have really enjoyed the pools with such warm water, they are a little shallow. I mean I have not been in a swimming pool here, in Iceland, where I could not swim down to touch the bottom.

When I was kid I liked the diving boards, they keep the swimming interesting, fun and daring!

Now that I know what a great deep pool this is, and that it will not be used anytime soon, if ever, it makes me even more upset.

I want an awesome pool, next to my house, that I can swim in in the winter with out catching a cold, dive and go on water slides......


  1. If it's any consolation, when the base was operational and the pool open, it was always chilly water. And the slide was usually closed for no apparant reason.
    But that is wierd about it being "too deep."

  2. That is strange that the water was cold considering how cheap hot water is here, maybe it being so deep makes it colder?