Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Leó is getting stronger

On Monday Leópold graduated to the big kids class. The class for boys 4-5, so he will stay there until he switchs to grade one. On one side I was not all that immpressed with the idea to move him up. One reason being that he just turned three, making him rather young in the group. Another being that although he has been toilet trained for over a year, he still refuses to pull up his own pants when he is done. Something like a refusal to grow up. He is also really delayed in his speach, thanks to two languages. So, I was not really sure he would fit in with the other kids. I also know of kids that are older then him that are not moving up. A girl in particular who is older then him, can hold up a conversation, dresses herself and can even run herself a bath. Leópold still lies on the floor like a starfish until you dress him and spins in circles until he falls over when you ask him to do somehting. But the school seems to think he is ready, I guess they see something I dont. On the other side I am happy for Leópold. He is really proud to be with the big boys. He says he is bigger and stronger like them now. There is also another kid in the class that only speaks English. I hear they hit it off famously. There goes his motivation to learn Icelandic. But he is happy. And if you ask him, the best part is no nap. This has brought his bed time forward an hour and a half.

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