Thursday, January 31, 2013

Go on first

Our icelandic history teacher told us about how in the old old days in Iceland everyone lived on a farm. Alone. No towns of any sort. People never  had to think about anyone else, just themseves.
He said this mentality lives on in Icelanders today. 
An example of this being at elevators.
In Iceland, when the elevators stops, people pile in.
In other countries it stops and people wait for the elevator to open and before piling in they let the people who were on the elevator off, then get on themselves.
A total genrelization but it will make you chuckle if you try going to try to use the elevators in the mall.

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  1. Catching up....
    This is a very true generalization. I had chalked it up to an independent spirit, but this is a more thorough explanation.