Monday, January 21, 2013

5 Days a week

My school timetable has changed, leaving me with classes 5 days a week. This has caused a lot of changes in my life, routine and soon personality.
Let me tell you about a few.
For the last 2 years I have worked on Fridays. Now I have class on Fridays, so I work on Saterdays. While I am glad to still help out, I can feel the weekend is shorter. I am already reminding myself, only 12 more weeks.
2 Days a week I finsh class in time to catch the early bus home, so I get home before lunch giving me some quality time to study before the house fills up with kids. These same 2 days of the week I have to take a buss that leaves before 7 in the morning. Making 6 the latest I can wake up and twice a month I get Leó up to, dress him and take him to a friends house so he can wait there for school to start. We deceided against him starting school at quartur to seven  like last year. Its a bit early for the little guy.
The other  3 week days I can take the bus home at 2, getting home by 3. Not to big of a deaal, although it is better when I can catch a ride home with a classmate who lives in the same town.  I like tthose days better.
2 of the 3 days I only actually have one class, so I finish before lunch and might have to wait until 2 for the bus. Best get better at learning in school.
The only day I acually have more then 1 class is Monday. On Mondays I ahve 2 classes.  Mondays were hard enough before I didnt have 3 hours straight of Icelandic liturature and Morphology. I am finding it difficult to not spend the last 2 and a half hoours thinking about lunch. I am becoming a.d.d.
That being said, my free day now being only Sunday, and the only day I can have a serious chance at winning the laundry wars.
Now after all this whinning I should tell you the great news. Davíð has taken over all the dishes and cleaning in the kitchen. Seriously. And while thiss has taken me some time to learn to leave it alone I am really feeling some time loosen up for myself in the evenings.
Leaving more time for the important things in life, like a game of scrabble with my greatest husband in the world.
And trying to find new ways to use the adjective Jake. 

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