Friday, January 25, 2013


Today is Bodadagur. The first day of þorri.
Bondadagur is always on a Friday.
Bondadagur means farmer day or husband day.
My teacher reminded us girls to do something nice for the men today, cook them a nice meal, be nice.
Easier said then done!
Actually I will try to make a nice meal and be nice, but not so much because it is husbands but more because Davíð is great and if anyone deserves a great meal and nice wife its him.

I am writing this while chillin in the Hafnafjorður mall. Drinking coffee, waiting for my bus home that does not come for another hour and a half and watching the wine store next to the coffee shop. Busy place. Looks like the idea of being good to the husband includes buying a lot of beer and stuff.

To bad for Davíð, my budget is not big enough for beer in Iceland, even more so now after buying myself a coffee,

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