Sunday, January 02, 2011

we need a routine

After two weeks of school break fills with Santas, Christmas, Christmas Eve, toys in shoes, stockings, more presents, fireworks, New Years, more fireworks life seems to be a party - and we need our routine back.

These kids need to go back to school and Tuesday just doesn't seem to be soon enough.

The older boys just can not seem to fall asleep before midnight. Even now, its 10:17, they have been in bed since 9:00 and they refuse to admit to being tired.
Just wait until I wake them up at 7 in the morning.

The last two weeks have been great with visiting family, visiting us, visiting them. And don't get my started on the food, it has been amazing. The fact that my clothing doesn't seem to be fitting right shows how good the food was but,
when I served fish and rice for dinner tonight my kids wanted to know why we were eating such boring food. Because we live on an island. To many tasty food for them!

Time to get back to the normal life.

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