Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Tonight I cleaned out behind the fridge, because I am that awesome. It only had a small amount to do with the fact that I had to pull it out anyways to catch the third hamster that has escaped in three days.
Between the 12 hamsters, 25 fish, dog, 3 boys and  1 husband, the fun never stops around here.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Whats with all the animals??

    Also when are you coming back????

  2. The kids are crazy about the animals, but you will have to ask Davíð when we are coming back, Iceland is broke and it is making it hard on everyone :(

  3. Michal10:29 PM

    wow, you are a saint to have that many creatures in your home!

    I'm glad the kids enjoy them. Do they also get to help take care of them?

  4. The kids do help, but mostly in a token way. Every time they open a cage it seems a hamster escapes, there seems to be one on the run at any given moment and sometimes they take days to find. Our apartment is huge with buckets of hiding places.
    But even Leó feels like he's helping by 'feeding' (throwing lettuce) the hamsters.
    The older boys are even helping grow salad in the window to help feed the army.
    So, it's going great.