Monday, January 24, 2011

Our newest family member

is a super cute multi color bunny, with out a name because we can not agree on one yet and without a picture because he will not come out from under the couch.
but trust me, he's a cutie.
Even Rósa, our dog, is smitten, refusing to leave the front of the couch with her head stuck under the edge.
We got to know each other fairly well after I put her in a tomato box and carried her under my arm onto the bus, like I seriously bought all those tomatoes, trying to keep the lid down and hide the nose that kept trying to poke through the handle spots.
The entire time Leópold was squealing with joy and pointing at the box.
I am sure at this point you might have guessed that animals are not allowed on the bus, and I even had to go through a transfer.
But the great escape was successful and I managed to smuggle my little bunnie home.
Feel free to come by and meet the little guy, as soon as he comes out.


  1. Michal10:31 PM

    a bunny!? How exciting! Was she a stray or did you buy her in a store. Do you know if it's a girl or a boy?

    Can't wait for pictures and stories!

    I remember taking an empty kennel on a Vancouver city bus. I was en route from the pet store where we bought the kennel to the store where we bought the bunny. The bus driver made a point of looking in the kennel before he'd let me pay the fare - animals aren't allowed on Vancouver buses either!

  2. I think its a boy. And I actually got him free from the pet store because he was no longer considered sell-able.
    Wow! Your bus driver took his job seriously. While I don't think this is a bad thing, if the bus driver here as serious, thing would be very different. Like I am sure someone would have said something to me about the shaking box. But a lot of things are small town.