Saturday, August 09, 2008

Up North

Tonight we stay in the northern most town of Iceland,
It is chilly - but the sun is still up, the children still run the streets and it is past 10.
Life in a small town....

This was only a detour to visit family, tomorrow we continue our journey to the East Fjörds where Davíð has been asked to work for a week. We get to stay in a apartment provided by the company and for the kids and I this will be a nice holiday.

This will be my first time out east and I am excited. It is supposed to be a whole different Iceland. I hear they even have trees, I will believe that when I see it.

I have the camera but I am not sure I will have Internet access, unless I find a library. So I may not be able to update anything for a while.

We plan to get home next Saturday, so I will update everyone then.

If everything goes well, we may even consider moving - more on that discussion later.

p.s. - Roberts birthday on Tuesday!

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