Saturday, August 30, 2008

My New Life

So much to tell, and I have so many pictures, but they will have to wait. I still have no internet and so this will have to do for now. So lets start from the beginning....

The boys and I went out to catch the flight first thing in the morning, we left the house at 6. I hope I never have to do that again.

We took one small plane north then had to catch a different plane east. The second plane was a little scary, one of those tiny ones that holds about 6 people. The good news is you can fly to within walking distance to our house.

When we got to Þórshöfn we walked to town (a bit of a struggle because of how tired we were) then went to our new house.

The boys are settling in great. They are enjoying the coastal town life of fishing, bike riding and just running around. Everything is so free, and relaxed.

School started on Monday and this is going good. A teacher aid starts next week for Kasper to help and Stefán is enjoying kindergarten.

The funniest thing about Stefáns class is that he was born during some sort of baby boom. The other classes and have about 5 kids each. Stefán's class has 12 and 8 of them are boys. A very big group for this town. I bet the winter of 2002-2003 was very cold, maybe a blackout. I think every family in town has a 5 year old.

We just got our stuff yesterday, so until then we were wearing the same clothing, washing them at night then wearing them the next day. This weekend is the first time in a while when we could choose what we wanted to wear, a bit of a novelty now.

I have lots of great plans and ideas of things to do in this town - need to keep busy you know. I will let you in on these as I get to them.

Basically just needed to let everyone know that we are doing well, we love it out here and really look forward to some visitors!


  1. Dude, Koleen, I'm suffering from withdrawl symptoms here. What is going on? How are you doing? I am so sorry we didn't come visit. Didn't notice any facebooking either. Hope you are still smiling!

  2. PIDEMARS8:36 PM


    cool about your new life!
    I really happy that all is ok for you in your new town
    here winter is slowly coming, and all landscape are sad, Island landscape,wilderness miss me