Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things are coming along

I move in three days now and the thought is not nearly as scary.

About 90% of the house is packed and now all I have left is Davíð's tools (worse then it sounds), shopping and goodbyes.

The tools are probably the most intimidating. I do not understand the, at all and how are you supposed to organize and pack something you do not understand?

The shopping will be a lot of work as well. I have to buy everything we could possibly need over the next few months and that is a job and a half. We need better winter clothing and tons of food because it is either not available in our new town or costs three times the price. So if anyone is up to a shopping spree let me know, I am ready.

The goodbyes are the most time consuming. I realize it is not possible to have a personal coffee and lunch with everyone so I am having a BBQ at our apartment on Thursday. I hope the weather is good and that people like to stand because the seating is limited.

So, all in all I think things are moving along very well and as the day gets closer I am less worried that something will go wrong.

In other news, Helgi my exroommate-friend is moving to Iceland for one year to study Icelandic. He will be in Reykjavík a few days after I leave.

Too bad the first person I know to come to Iceland moves to a city I will no longer be living in!

life is good

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