Monday, August 18, 2008

In no order - this is what I have been doing

So I can never get these picctures to upload in an order
that would make sense, that is to say that I am too lazy
to organize them.
So here it is:

Here is some guy from Germany. I honestly can not
remember his name, but I am sure he was nice. Met
him at A hus with my couch surfer.

This is Stefán on the plane on the way back to Reykjavík.
We decided it would be insane to put them through
another 2 day car ride - the way there almost killed us.

Clouds always look so neat from above - amazing how
they encourage the upset tummy.

Some kids travel better then others - this is one of the
unhappy ones, Kasper. To be fair we had a long drive to
the airport so no one was in a good mood by the time we
got there.

This is me out with my couch surfer Pierefrom France.
There is another one of these coming up with more red
eyes and terrible facial expressions on my part. I blame
the camera.

Couch surfers are the best - and this one is a favorite,
but I need to practice my English with a French accent,
it is not so good now. Or I could try to use that French I
spent half my elementry years trying to learn.....

We were hoping to get some whake for lunch, but the
resturant is closed til 5, what kind of luck is that?

Ah Rósa, the best dog ever!

Who needs a trampoline when your kids can just go to
the neighbours?

This trampoline belongs to some kids in Kaspers new
class, in his new school in our new town.

Stefán in our hotel we stayed in for the week, thanks to
Davíð's work.

The kids are really into these donald duck comics, I am
confused, what happened to Archie?

Propaganda on the playground, telling kids milk is good, whats next?

Our new town uses fishing materials as decorations.
They look cool but I wonder how fun they are to play on.

Stefán brushing his teeth against his will. Such a pesky task.

Kasper will brush his teethfor hours, in every room in
the house leaving a trail of toothpaste. But his teeth are

Some of our new neighbours are renopvating so Stefán
and some new friends were building with the bricks.

Now this is a tease. A phone booth with no phone.
Basically there for kids to play in.

The playschool has a ship in the playground - this is a
real favorite.

Here we see Kasper driving.

and a slightly disgruntled Kasper.

Looking at this picture now I wonder what was going on
here. This might be evidence.

My tired Rósa

Rósa in the hotel. They were not very happy that we
brought a dog - but I would not leave a family member at

Davíð, at some unfair moment in the day where he
clearly wants nothing to do with the camera.

Only my kids can completly destroy and
rearrange a plastic playground. Do they
know what you are suppossed to do with
this slide?

After seeing this fire truck I can only hope my house
never catches on fire.

Some rainbow, who can get enough of those?

A slightly annoyed with the drive Kasper. It is a long drive.

Stefán was in a little better mood, but was always playing
jokes on his brother.

A national sport to these boys - coloring in bed.
I hope the marker came out of those sheets.

Tired kids - in a hotel.

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