Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Newest Toy

I bought myself a bread maker today! There was a big sale at Byko so it was only 5000kr!

And I promise to not be like everyone I know in Canada with a bread making hanging out on the counter collecting dust - I am already dreaming of fresh raisin bread on a Saturday morning. I have not had raisin bread since I left Canada and just thinking of it leaves me practically drooling.

It will also save tons of money because everything in our new town will cost so much more - something like bread that has to be flown in costs triple the amount so it will be good to just make our own.

This crazy cough of mine has got to go. When I went to the doctors last week he said I just needed pills to help me sleep it off. On Monday I felt even worse so I went to another doctor who said I had bronchitis and gave me antibiotics then when I went today they gave me steroid pills and an inhaler for 2 weeks. I guess it is worse then I thought. Now I am really off the cigarettes for a while.

I usually can go years without getting sick - but when I do get sick it is usually an extreme.

Tomorrow is the big BBQ. OK it will not be that big and I really hope the weather is good so we can stay mostly outside. The apartment will be empty so everyone will have to stand but I should have some good pictures tomorrow for you.

36 hours until I get on the plane and leave, then I will not be back in Reykjavík until October. There is still so many people to talk to, books to return and postcards to mail but I am really excited.

My next big adventure - Þórshöfn - is just beginning. Now I will live in a real Iceland.

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