Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Very Busy Friday

As with the family tradition of having several birthday parties, Garpur had his first 6 year party on Friday. This party was just with classmates and I came along to help out. I am not sure how much help I was, but things went well enough.

Kristina made this cake - it is a solid chocolate shell that had to be broken with a hammer, then the cake was inside.

It looked so pretty - but as you can see it was not as easy to break as we would have thought.

I guess the trick is to be able to break the shell without smashing the cake.

Some of the party was outside playing games - here is Kasper counting.

This was some chasing game that I was lost in.

The birthday boy, or at least the back of his head.

In the morning, before the party, I went to Ets for coffee. Here she is with her daughter Helena.

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