Monday, January 28, 2008

A ray of light

I always complained about the policy of throwing away toys. There is often nothing really wrong and they go into the garbage.

I always said that people needed these toys for there kids.

Today I had a secret laugh.

A coworker went outside to see a mob standing around our garbage bin with one guy standing inside throwing out toys to the others.

They were told off, and they left. But they will be back. I know they will, only next time they will come at night.

I know this because the mob grabbing the toys were Polish construction workers. They are over worked, under paid (both often to the point of being illegal) and have often moved here with a family to try to make a better life for themselves.

This is why I know they will be back. Some children will be very happy to get these toys, even if the box is crumpled. I was happy that our toy stash has been discovered, and I laughed to myself.

These toys deserve a second chance and children in small apartments, like my own, are smiling tonight, because Dad brought them a toy.

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