Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I found these pictures on the camera, I should have put these up before, but better late then never?
Before Christmas:

The Agata Santa visited us and as you can see, she over filled everyones shoes.

Here is Stefán enjoying a three wheel scooter that was rejected by Toys R Us.

It is a little big for the apartment, but he makes it work.

Here is Kasper being Kasper with some geeky glasses he found in his shoes and his new favorite game, Ludo. Personally I had never heard of it, but everyone else seems to know what it is.

Our sweet Rósa, playing with the leash.

Some of the gang all passed out after a late night of movies. Agata caught them sleeping when she got hoime and took this picture.

Rósa trying to catch a nap.

And the neighbor bird feeder. Every time he brings it out I can not help but laugh to myself.

Bird seeds for the birds, and the roasted chicken on top is for who?
Well, Rosa loves the stuff that falls over the edge anyways.

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  1. Keep up the good work. Have a great 2008! Cheers:-)