Sunday, January 27, 2008

Crazy Work

Who would have known that things could be so crazy working in a toy store? We have no management, the store has been taken over by head office and everything is in chaos.

In Sweden they shake there heads and wonder how this has happened. This store has everything going for it, location, well trained management and tons of staff. But still we can not manage.

The store i9s in such bad shape that once again a fleet of Toys R Us employees must be flown in from Europe to fix up the store for us.

The big question is: What is so different about Iceland? They want to know. Why doesnt anyone do there job here? It does not matter how many people are working, or how much they are paid (really the wages are decent), nothing gets done.

It is amazing really.

The warehouse is in shambles,


Containers full of toys sit outside will items are sold out in the store.

Everywhere you look is insanity.

And no matter how many times the kids are told off for jumping in the box cruncher, they still do it. I thought this sticker made it clear enough, but I was wrong.

Is it something in the water?

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