Sunday, January 27, 2008

A day with pictures

This is what happens when kids get the camera, seriously unflattering pictures.

Here are a few teddy bears, in the dungeon.

Although I am not exactly sure what they have done,

I am trusting Kasper in that they deserve this.

Stefán enjoyed some indoor time, thanks to a nice storm, and caught up with a little Elmo online.

He did try to brave the weather for a while, but it was windy.

Here I am again, trying to relax on my weekend off.

To be fair, I am recovering from the flu.

I think the only reason Davíð took this one is to make fun of what he calls the third eye. Most people will just see this as a nice zit between the eyes.

And here is the culprit. Ill get a good one of him one of these days.

Davíð rented a lift and fixed the eves on the building. I am so proud.

Here is some more with Stefán outside.

He really is a brave little guy.

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